Our Music

The music of NorthSide prepares the hearts of God’s people for the preaching of the Word through the presentation of Christ-honoring music that engages God’s people in worship. “Sing unto him a new song; play skillfully with a loud noise.” – Psalm 33:3

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Adult Choir

Adult Choir

The adult choir meets weekly for preparation and opens our Sunday services both morning and evening.


Teen Choir

The teen choir consists of teens in grades 6th – 12th. They practice regularly and have the opportunity to sing during our Wednesday evening services.

Children_s Choir

Children's Choir

The children of Northside have a set time each week to gather and sing. They sing during special services and on regularly scheduled Sunday services. Ages 4 through the 5th grade. 


Pre-School Choir

Scripture tells us that sometimes “out of the mouth of babes,” we will hear truth. It is always a joy to hear our preschool choir sing truths from God’s Word!



Christmas Cantata

Christmas Cantata

Special Workshops

Special Workshops