What To Expect

Because we recognize that children are a gift from God, we seek to instill fundamental truths from the Bible while providing a consistent space for spiritual growth. We offer age-appropriate classes that enable children to learn at a level that is best for them. (Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward, Psalm 127:3) 

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Our Classrooms

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3 & 4 year olds

As these children are transitioning from a nursery environment to a traditional learning environment our desire is to teach these children Bible stories and lessons while making simple application to their life.

1st Childrens

K5 - 1st

This is an amazing time for children to lay a foundation of Bible knowledge that will enable them to have a biblical worldview. Our teachers are equipped and trained to bring the Bible to life through instructive songs, lessons, and activities.

2-3rd Childrens

2nd - 3rd

This classroom is designed to teach Bible stories and acquaint these children with Bible characters so they can learn from a backdrop of real life and apply the lessons to their life.

4-5th Children

4th - 5th

It is necessary for this age of children to grow in knowledge and understanding of their personal relationship with God. In this classroom the application of Scripture to the student’s life is primary. This age of children must see how the Bible is practical and relevant to their life.

Summer Camp

Public School Bible Clubs

Master Club

Vacation Bible School

North Side Baptist Academy

Make a Difference

Children's ministry can’t happen without a team of dedicated volunteers who love the Lord and know the importance of teaching the next generation about God! All volunteers who work with children go through detailed training and complete background checks before serving.

You can make a difference in America’s youth by serving in the children’s ministries of NorthSide Baptist Church.